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Bayreuth-Melbourne Colloid/Polymer Network

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Date News
03.11.2021 Workshop Series "Building an International Career" - Registration is open now!
26.10.2021 VESKI Study Melbourne Research Partnership Grant in Biomaterials
06.10.2021 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Köhler new PI of the the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science
05.08.2021 Joint PhDs with the University of Melbourne
06.05.2021 First Biofabrication MOOC on edX
05.05.2021 "Staying on the Track during the Pandemic - Ideas and Strategies from an International Network
16.03.2021 Roundtable Discussion on Australian-German Joint-PhD Programs in 2021
11.03.2021 Network MemberJun.-Prof. Dr. Anna Schenk receives Heinz Meier-Leibniz Prize
08.01.2021 Exchange and joint PhD in times of COVID-19
18.12.2020 Honors from the University of Melbourne for network members
26.11.2020 Project extension until the end of 2021
19.11.2020 Network Member Prof. Dr. Anna Köhler receives Max Born Prize 2020
19.10.2020 Network Researchers in Bayreuth and Melbourne discover new type of spider web
22.09.2020 Australian-German Mobiity in Times of COVID-19
28.08.2020 Network researchers developed new biomaterials that eliminate risk of infection and facilitate healing processes
06.07.2020 Bayreuth International Online Course (BIOC) Biofabrication
13.05.2020 COVID-19 INFLUENCE ON BISS 2020
25.02.2020 BISS 2020 - New Course Structure
11.02.2020 ICONN 2020 Network Lunch
13.01.2020 International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2020
18.11.2019 International Club Award for Dr. Sahar Salehi
12.11.2019 16th Zsigmondy Colloquium Düsseldorf
11.11.2019 5th Bioinspired Materials 2020
04.09.2019 Review 15th Zsigmondy Colloquium Dresden
17.07.2019 Launch of CRC1357 Microplastics at University of Bayreuth
15.07.2019 Bayreuth International Summer School - Review
05.07.2019 Dinner Polymer Science
01.07.2019 Melbourne-Bayreuth Lecture
10.06.2019 16th Biennial Bayreuth Polymer Symposium
02.04.2019 Memorandum of Unterstandig with the University of Melbourne signed
13.02.2019 ACIS 2019 - Review
11.02.2019 Australian-German Network Coordinator Day
06.02.2019 Join the Bayreuth International Summer School 2019
18.01.2019 ACIS 2019 Network Program
14.01.2019 Post-Doc Positions offered for a Polymer Chemist and a Specialist for Polymer Formulation and 3D Bioprinting
07.11.2018 Launch of the Australia-Germany Research Network
02.10.2018 Network student as new Gateway Office Manager
25.09.2018 GISAS 2018 Summer School
24.09.2018 The ACIS 2019 & Workshop Week in Melbourne
08.09.2018 10 Scholarships advertised for ACIS 2019 & a Network Workshop Week in Melbourne
23.08.2018 Bayreuth International Summer School (BISS) 2018 - Review
27.06.2018 University of Bayreuth opens Gateway Office in Melbourne
21.06.2018 Melbourne-Bayreuth Lectures during BISS 2018
16.04.2018 Susanne Seibt submits joint PhD thesis
10.04.2018 Three weeks stay of two Australian Scholars in Germany
13.03.2018 DAAD grants follow-up project funding for two more years.
17.01.2018 Updated website with new corporate design online
21.12.2017 2 Australian network students attend the 49th IFF Spring School in Jülich
30.11.2017 4 Scholarships for Australian Students for the Bayreuth International Summer School
30.11.2017 10 Scholarships for Australian Students for the European School for Interfacial Engineering
09.10.2017 10 Scholarships for German Students for the 31st Australian Colloid and Surface Science Student Conference in Warrnambool
05.10.2017 Board Meeting October 4th, 2017
03.10.2017 Mini-Workshop in Melbourne “Structural Analysis of Polymer and Hybrid Electronics”
20.02.2017 First international INM Fellow strengthens joint research on stimulable particles
14.11.2016 The 8th Biennial Australian Colloid & Interface Symposium
14.11.2016 Board Meeting and Network Member Meeting
08.09.2016 Australian Research Council (ARC) Centres of Excellence
28.07.2016 Bayreuth International Summer School 2016
07.03.2016 Network presentation at the APAIE
02.03.2016 Contract for Joint PhD studies between network partners signed
28.01.2016 Successful applications for network events
30.11.2015 1st Workshop at the University of Melbourne
19.05.2015 Kick-off-meeting at the University of Bayreuth

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