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Bayreuth-Melbourne Colloid/Polymer Network

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Cameron Ritchie, PhD, University of MelbourneHide
Supervisor:       Prof. Dr. Paul Mulvaney, University of Melbourne  
Host:Prof. Dr. Tobias Kraus, INM Saarbrücken
Stay:01.06.2015 - 08.06.2015
Maximilian Reinhard, Master Student, University of BayreuthHide
Research Title:  Bacterial Collagens studied by electrospinning       
Supervisor:Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel, University of Bayreuth
Host:Dr. Jerome Werkmeister, CSIRO
Stay:22.10.2015 - 30.01.2016
Yannic Brasse, Master Student, IPF DresdenHide
TN Kick-off meeting 
Prof. Dr. Andreas Fery, IPF Dresden  
30.11.2015 - 03.12.2015
Pavel Cherepanov, Post-Doc, University of BayreuthHide
Research Title:    
Conducting Polymer for biomedical Applications
Supervisor:Dr. Daria Andreeva-Bäumler, University of Bayreuth
Host: Prof. Dr. Frank Caruso, University of Melbourne
Stay:11.12.2015 - 10.06.2016


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