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CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency. It innovates for tomorrow and helps improve today – for its customers, all Australians and the world.

Annually, six CSIRO technologies alone contribute $5 billion to the economy in areas as diverse as automated mining, advanced materials and aquaculture.

With more than 1,800 patents CSIRO is Australia’s largest patent holder. This ever-increasing wealth of intellectual property is a vast source of commercial opportunity and has already resulted in more than 150 spin-off companies, with many more to come.

For around a century CSIRO has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in science and technology. Its world-renowned successes include WiFi, the Hendra vaccine and polymer banknotes.

With more than 5,000 experts based in 55 centres, extensive local and international networks, and a burning desire to get things done, CSIRO is Australia’s catalyst for innovation and a global force in transforming imagination into reality. 

CSIRO partners with industry to increase the adoption of sustainable, innovative and efficient manufacturing technologies that produce cleaner, high yielding products, by existing firms and supply chains in the chemical, polymer, energy, industrial biotechnology and agriculture sectors. It develops new and innovative devices, products, and processes which meets emerging market demands for medical and pharmaceutical products and services, creating investment and economic opportunities.

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