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Bayreuth-Melbourne Colloid/Polymer Network

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The Melbourne–Bayreuth Colloid/Polymer network was able to establish a vital and productive research and education network in the field of colloid and polymer materials for life sciences and energy applications. With its various activities it was successful in pursuing the following goals:

  • to promote and further develop a generic polymer / colloid research approach for the rational design of materials for energy and bio-applications.and
  • to promote scientific exchange of top researchers.

This led to a number of joint publications in prestigious journals.

Since its establishment the network was able to continue and further expand its leading role in the field of polymer and colloid research and has significantly contributed to the success of other joint projects.

The scientific cooperation was further strengthened through strategic and administrative meetings and agreements, such as research student agreements for jointly awarded PhDs between the University of Bayreuth and the University of Melbourne in 2016 and the University of Bayreuth and Monash University in 2017.

The first two jointly supervised PhD Students were already awarded  this double degree in July and November 2018 and received Joint PhD diplomas from the University of Bayreuth and the University of Melbourne.

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