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Bayreuth-Melbourne Colloid/Polymer Network

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Bayreuth International Summer School 2016

July 18th, 2016

Picture of students of the Bayreuth International Summer School 2016

3 Australian professors visited the University of Bayreuth and participated as lecturers of the Bayreuth International Summer School (BISS) 2016 as lecturers from 3rd to 16th July 2016:

  • Prof. Paul Mulvaney, University of Melbourne
  • Prof. Muthupandian Ashokkumar, University of Melbourne
  • Prof. Udo Bach, Monash University.

Further lectures of the course were held by three German network members:

  • Prof. Mukundan Thelakkat, University of Bayreuth
  • Prof. Andreas Fery, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research
  • Prof. Matthias Karg, University of Düsseldorf.

The course 4: Chemistry and Biotechnolology - “Colloids and Polymers in Energy and Life Sciences” was conducted within the framework of Bayreuth-Melbourne Colloid/Polymer Network. It offered both theoretical and practical classes. The latter gave exposure to a range of state of the art equipment at the university. The course provided students a great opportunity to meet and interact with international guest lecturers from renowned universities around the world, and paved a way for memorable friendships with many international students from the school.

In all there were held 36 lectures held by 3 Australian and 6 German PIs and 18 international students participated in the Colloids and Polymers in Energy and Life Science Course.

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