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First Biofabrication MOOC on edX

6 May 2021

The University of Bayreuth is adding the concept of “biofabrication” to the international higher education platform edX by providing the first Biofabrication MOOC, "Biomaterials and Biofabrication: Design, Engineering and Innovation.” The course teaches cutting-edge topics with over 15 expert-interviews, biannual live sessions with course coordinator, Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel, and an interactive storyline that offers innovative tools and key knowledge benefiting both those with and without experience in the field.

“MOOCs are an excellent possibility to reach a broader audience in order to provide insights into the interdisciplinary topic of biofabrication. With our MOOC we would like to attract your attention to this topic and show you how research on biofabrication is internationally networked." Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel, Chair of Biomaterials and the Biofabrication MOOC lecturer, states, And in fact, this MOOC shows an international collaboration since several network members from Bayreuth and Melbourne contributed to this online course.

People who are interested in expanding their knowledge about biomaterials, biomedical engineering, additive manufacturing, tissue engineering, and in obtaining insights on the future of biofabrication can already enrol in the course free of charge.

To enrol please follow this link. The first session starts 1 June 2021.

If you can't wait until then, have a look at the course teaser below and the trailer on youtube.

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Teaser MOOC Biofabrication

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